My actual age is 42 and I am quite proud of my age. I am wiling to show you my ID birth year for proof.  I know there are lots of misrepresentations in this world.  I am not one of them,  I will show up for our date looking exactly like these pics; likely even better in person as it is much more of a thrill to see someone up close and personal in the flesh than viewing a pic.


I take excellent care of myself and will always look my absolute best for you.  I am an avowed non-drug user, non-smoker, tattoo free and only a light social drinker.  I am definitely in the prime of my life, my lust for pleasure continues to grow unabated.  I believe age is nothing but a number and I combine youthful enthusiasm with a mature outlook on life.  I have no drama in my life and will be one of the most positive and joyful people you will ever meet.




You are a mature, succesful gentleman of the highest order who seemingly has it all, but something may be missing from your life or you may be seeking a secret getaway from the intense pressures of your world I hope to be your best-kept secret and I think secrets are rather delicious, don't you? I am here for you, ready to envelop you with all my considerable passions.


You are seeking a mature companion whom you can count on to be highly reliable and on-time as your time is extremely valuable, and a partner you can relate to and one who is a fabulous listener/conversationalist and practices the utmost in discretion at all times.  You can share anything with me and it will go nowhere.  You can share all your deepest fantasies and dreams with me with absolutely zero judgment and we will have the time of our life bringing those fantasies and dreams to life!


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